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Khaligraph’s collabo with Otile Brown dubbed ‘Japo Kidogo’ has been deleted from YouTube

March 28, 2019 at 07:18
Khaligraph's collabo with Otile Brown dubbed 'Japo Kidogo' has been deleted from YouTube

Japo Kidogo, a song that was released by Otile Brown and Khaligraph Jones roughly three days ago is no longer on YouTube. It seems to have been deleted.

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We noticed that it was not available on the video sharing platform yesterday evening. Maybe it was brought down much earlier.

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A screengrab of the search results

Anyway, I would not sweat it, this seems to be an orchestrated move since Otile Brown brown and Khaligraph have also unfollowed each other on social media.

The video had been uploaded on Otile Brown’s page on March 25 around 5pm. The last time I checked, it was almost clocking 300,000 views and was trending at number one. Simply put, the song was doing well by Kenyan standards.

Khaligraph Jones and Otile Brown

Maybe they expected it have more numbers in the first few days, when it didn’t, they decided to make it private (hide) it on YouTube so that when the song is back it’s even bigger. King Kaka pulled a similar stunt with Dundaing a few days after he released it.

When it comes to poorly executed or stunts, Otile Brown leads the pack right next to Bahati. It’s not the first time that his music video has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube.

This is actually the third time this is happening. His songs dubbed Mungu Wetu Sote and Chaguo La Moyo, in which he featured Sanaipei Tande, disappeared from YouTube only to resurface a few days later.

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