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Kibanja and close friend fight over Chipukeezy?

September 10, 2019 at 12:46
Kibanja and close friend fight over Chipukeezy?

Lately Chipukeezy and his girlfriend seem to be maintaining a low profiled life as they no longer post lovey doves posts on Instagram like they used to before.

Not quite sure why – but they could both be caught up with work or prefer to lay low now that their relationship is getting more serious.

Anyway, just recently a post was shared on Kilimani mums where Kibanja and her friend, Mwanaidyshishi were ‘exposed’ for fighting at Java restaurant over Chipukeezy. The post read saying;


Kibanja’s friend responds

With the rumor making rounds on social media, the friend accused of fighting with Kibanja came out denying the stories saying they were all lies.

She went on to post saying;

Enough with the screenshots and unnecessary calls Meanwhile @Kibanja_nimeboeka si twende pale Java tu fight please

Kibanja has however continued to maintain her silence.




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