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‘Kila Mtu Alee Mtoto Wake Vile Anajua’- Akothee Defends The WaJesus After Neglect Accusations

October 27, 2021 at 11:06
'Kila Mtu Alee Mtoto Wake Vile Anajua'- Akothee Defends The WaJesus After Neglect Accusations

The WaJesus Family consisting of Kabi and Milly are well known for their sleek travel vlogs around the world. They never fail to give couples a run for their money with couple goals whenever they move out of the country. And with one of their own kid Taji WaJesus being just a toddler, he’s always left behind; not to forget baby Abby, who is also Kabi WaJesus’s child; whom he accepted to take care of after a DNA was conducted and he was found to be the biological dad.

Fans have since b*****d the duo for more so neglecting  Abby as they travel. However, not everyone is sharing the same sentiments. Some believe that the kids are being taken care of properly. Sarah Kabu was one of those who defended the couple, stating that mama Abby should not feel entitled to child support from Milly WaJesus.

Akothee To The Rescue

Akothee has also come to the rescue of the couple. According to her, the WaJesus have a team that helps them to take care of their kid while they’re abroad ‘fetching for a living’.

”Kila mtu alee mtoto wake vile anajua . Atleast the kabis has a supporting team that is helping them look after their baby while they are fetching for a living . If they would go broke today and post a paybill ,mtawatukana.

Saa hii ,wanajaribu kutafuta maisha kando na fame ,you want to make them feel like irresponsible parents. Simply because you have forgotten to analyze your own lives and just wake up to follow what celebrities are postin! 🤔 Ala! Hatutakubali kudhulumiwa na keyboard we also have a life off cameras. You should also show us how you take care of your childrens so we can copy you 🤔! We have parents who are present in their homes from Monday to Monday , but absent in the children’s Lives and upkeep…”




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