Killer cop shares photos of second female gangster gunned down in Kayole (Photos)

May 30, 2017 at 07:43
Killer cop shares photos of second female gangster gunned down in Kayole (Photos)

Hero cop won’t rest until Gaza gang is completely destroyed; the gang’s manager Marsha Minaj was gunned down exactly two weeks after Claire Njoki Kibia’s death.

Claire Njoki Kibia alias Clea Adi Vybz was the first high profile female Gaza gangster member who was gunned down by elite killer cops.

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Marsha Minaj (left) with Claire Njoki Kibia

Claire’s friend Marsha Minaj has followed her to afterlife some 10 days after she was buried. Minaj was on Hessy’s list of notorious gangsters who needed to reform or face consequences.

Marsha Minaj

Killer cop Hessy wa Dandora warned Marsha Minaj and other female gangsters on Facebook on May 12th at 4:57pm; he told them to reform and report to police station.

And some 16 days after the warning, Hessy gunned down Marsha Minaj. The deceased was killed on Sunday afternoon together with a male accomplice in a house in Patanisho area.

Police, who were tipped by members of the public, stormed the house and ordered the two to surrender but the suspects opened fire at them by shooting through the door.

“Kayole Hayawi Hayawi huwa. Mbogi ya Clea Adi Vybz najua wengi wamkumbuka ona sasa. Wamejua hawajui #crimedoesnotpay R.I.P Bastards.” Hessy posted the message on Facebook following Marsha Minaj’s death. He also shared the deceased’s photos.

Marsha Minaj’s body after she was shot dead


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