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Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in ‘Boom Shakala’

October 28, 2019 at 15:27
Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in 'Boom Shakala'

Kiloki is here with a new tune dubbed Boom Shakala. The artist has brought on board a couple of faces among them Maddox of Boondocks Gang.

Also he has featured Rico Gang Harry Craze,Vuva and Dj Lyta . This is a Gengetone Club banger.

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Just like any other times, this group of artistes got nothing new to sing and you can always expect the usual. By the usual I mean them singing about drugs and women.

Kiloki and his gang in Boom Shakala are also talking about drugs, sex and women whom they are planning on banging.

Honestly, I am yet to understand why they are always hyping drugs and blaming them for whatever they are doing.

Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in 'Boom Shakala'

What is the message and relevance of Boom Shakala

In this jam the group is also talking about having sex and in the chorus the dude talks about feeling whatever it is in the stomach.

Hi nimekunoki, Hi cheki ntakupiga tu kigoti, Hi vile unachachisha tu kwa moti.

Vile unachachisha ntakupiga tu kiloki.  Hi boom shakala utaiskilia kwa tumbo.  Ngeus wenzako watafumbua hili fumbo. Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Fumba Fumbuua.

Also, the song is just simple and filled with a lot sayings. This is a new one and it is really a good style and it shows appreciation.

To add on, Kiloki delivered the song in sheng’, Kiswahili and some English words making it an all round song.

As much as the song is good, it is only relevant to the young generation who easily relate to the language. When we talk about promoting talent, we should do this to this young souls .

Boom Shakala is not bad song only that the song is for a few people. In conclusion, a lot things should be done to improve the kind of content.

Last but not least this Kiloki guy and Rico Gang in Boom Shakala gets a rating of 5/10.

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