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King Kaka sets the record straight after viral family photo stirs controversy

November 10, 2020 at 12:00
King Kaka sets the record straight after viral family photo stirs controversy

King Kakas family photo with his wife, their house manager and the kids has been praised for its humility and wholesomeness but not until one fan notice something that stood out in the photo.

A beautiful family of 6, that stepped out for a photoshoot, in simple kitenge designs but a photo that tells of a unique family story.

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The couple warmly let in their house manager in the family photo that they labelled ‘complete’. Something very uncommon in majority of households especially of a certain class.

“We Thank God for the gift of family,” he adorably captions.

The King Kaka family photo

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The Twist

It was all fun and games until one question popped up setting off the conversation in a totally different direction.

“The boys look like brothers,” a curious fan posed.

Indirectly implying that the rapper is the father to their house manager’s son, Roy, who has a striking resemblance to King Kaka and his actual son, Prince Iroma.

The King Kaka family photoshoot

Though not brave enough to put it as it is, the comment raised an alarm among fans who eagerly waited for the answer.

Another actually admitting that the two boys look like twins.

This kept the fire burning, others suggesting King Kaka and the house manager must be related.

And after the long guesswork, the ill rapper and his irritated wife finally responded;

“I was tempted to throw a few insults at you, but it is the beginning of the week so I wish you a productive week. Heshima ni kitu muhimu.”

From her end, Nana unapologetically hit back at the troll: “Take your nonsense elsewhere.”

That is where the debate ended.




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