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King Kaka to hold very exclusive VIP party as he plans to auction album’s cover art 

October 16, 2018 at 10:26
King Kaka to hold very exclusive VIP party as he plans to auction album's cover art 

King Kaka is set to auction the cover art of his new album ‘Estlando Royalty’ in a very exclusive party which will see only a few invited.

The album, which is dropping November 30, is set to feature a couple of international names including American comedian Tracy Morgan.

According to Chinasa Udeala who is the head of Songa which has partnered with King Kaka to launch his album, the album is a must listen.

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“I am a fan of hip hop, and what I can say is that this album is rich in content, with a couple of surprise international collaborations. I have already said too much; I won’t want to give it all away. You will need to subscribe to Songa and stream the album when it drops to get what I mean.” he said. 


Udeala also went on to explain why King kaka is auctioning his album cover as an art piece, something that has never happened in Kenya.

“Music is an art form and so is fine art — painting. It’s all about expressionism,” Chinasa explained. “Merging the two art forms (music and fine art), King Kaka not only conveys the dream of making it and becoming a success through his music, but with the cover art he also conveys this visually. I love it.” he said. 


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