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King Kaka’s collabo with Roberto dubbed ‘Alright’ is finally out and we love it (Video)

September 18, 2019 at 13:57
King Kaka

The much-awaited collabo between King Kaka and Zambia’s Roberto, who’s famed for his Amarula hit, is finally out ladies and gentlemen.

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The song titled Alright is an assurance that things might not look so good at the moment but in future all will be well if you trust the process.

As expected, Roberto really came through on this jam. There’s just something about the way that he sings that makes you hit the replay button again and again.

Our very own King Kaka did a commendable job too. His wordplay and rhymes were totally above par but then again I was not expecting anything less.



In his verse, he says “Basi jua itakuwa sasasawa, design ata we uta papagawa, don’t let go kaa na mimi walai ata stars hushikiliwa na sky and I’m fallen nibebe ka matatu ushafanya nikaweka jina yako kama tattoo ata lekebanitane King Kaka sibaniziba mwamene unizibila.”

The video was also on point. In particular, there’s is this gorgeous lass who would not escape any man’s attention, or maybe it’s just me.

The song was produced by Roberto and to be hones, I really loved the beat. It’s really catchy and chances are you will find yourself bumping to it from the moment you hit the play button.

Watch Alright below and tell us what you think.




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