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Sad:¨5 days after, I developed Oedema¨! King Kaka´s wife narrates traumatizing experiences hospitals take postpartum mothers through

March 26, 2019 at 08:59
Sad:¨5 days after, I developed Oedema¨! King Kaka´s wife narrates traumatizing experiences hospitals take postpartum mothers through

Nana Owiti, King Kaka´s wife experienced high blood pressure during her second pregnancy, yet she was not aware.

It was until she got tested in hospital, that things weren´t good.

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HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE PART I Am I the only one that has lost friends post partum? I know atleast 6 cases of new mothers that were just okay during pregnancy then at most 6weeks post partum they are gone! Now,when pregnant,most hospitals show a lot of concern for you and the bun in that human oven but little to no attention is shown to moms post partum. Ata ukienda clinic mostly it’s the baby that gets checked sana. I feel like a lot of sensitization has to be made in hospitals to have them check new moms all through to the 3rd month after the baby. Why am I saying this? Apart from nausea and feeling tired during pregnancy,I had no complications whatsoever. No swollen feet no nothing.5 days after having my 2ns baby I developed Oedema-My ankles and feet became swollen and my face puffed up. King at some point made fun of me and said nakaa mtoi with the super round face ? I just thought it’s just prolonged labor or something. Next day,my head felt super heavy and eyes blood shot Mpaka I started thinking okay maybe it’s the hair(I had faux locks that were to last me a couple weeks before I could do my hair again-At the salon they call it kwenda garage because of kuzaa,Ama ni mimi nashinda Eastlando sana? ?)So I cut them off because May be they were weighing my head down. It didn’t stop. Now my head is pounding guys..I thought let me go get pain killers from the chemist at arms length. Thank God the pharmacist noticed. She said ‘Mama Gweth you don’t look okay. Tupime pressure kwanza’. It was a whooping 160/120 now medical practitioners will tell you how high that is. Normal is between 120/80-140/90 not more or less. I have no history of blood pressure nor does my family. Hypertension poses such a huge risk to maternal well being. After hospital discharge,there almost 0% surveillance so there’s a high risk of it going unrecognized. Hypertensive disorders are the most common medical complications of pregnancy and second leading cause of maternal death after thromboembolism. (This pic and video taken a day apart) Notice the puffiness and blood shot eyes ? #Parenthood101 ••SWIPE••

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Likewise, she earlier on shared her miscarriage experience; without knowledge that she was actually carrying a dead foetus in her womb back in 2014.

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  1. Pole sana dada for what you experienced…known as Eclampsia(high blood pressure). Unfortunately, this condition is very common among black women and can be catastrophic if not caught early. Main cause is the hormonal influx in the body during pregnancy AND can happen up to 6-8 weeks after delivery as the hormones are returning back to normal levels. Most importantly, knowing the signs to look for:- Swelling (edema) as you experienced seek medical attention immediately, monitoring your blood pressure throughout the pregnancy and post delivery for 6 weeks ( it is worthwhile to know your normal blood pressure) if it starts going up consult with your doctor. Pre-eclampsia is when one’s blood pressure is high but has not started to impact major body organs… this is the time when the doctor can start one on treatment and AVOID the situation moving to Eclampsia…
    This information should be shared to all women because we can prevent another death…

  2. post eclampsia can cause death….had post eclampsia 2 weeks after giving birth to my first born….was diagnosed after I convulsed and having a mild stroke on my left side….its advised to take alot of water 6weeks after birth…

  3. Who is at risk: ALL pregnant women more so black women regardless of having a history of high blood pressure… remember it’s all the hormones in our bodies during pregnancy and post partum/6-8 weeks… Hmmm! those hormones that make you want to eat weird things during pregnancy, happy one moment then crying the next, etc.
    …Sadly, hata majuu/overseas it is still a problem.

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