King Kiba, the man with many talents

May 23, 2019 at 15:18
King Kiba, the man with many talents

King Kiba, the man with many talents,  born Ali Saleh Kiba was born 26th November 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania to Tombwe Njere and Saleh Omari. He is the first of four children and is followed by Abdu Saleh Kiba, Zabibu Saleh Kiba and Abubakar Saleh Kiba. He is a recording artist and singer-songwriter. Alikiba is the director of Rockstar4000. Kiba became a household name in 2007,  when he released the album Cinderella.  The album broke record as the best selling album in East Africa. He is known for his hit songs Mwana, “Aje” , “Chekecha Cheketua” “Cinderella”, “Nakshi Mrembo”, “Usiniseme and Dushelele”. .He has also done a collaboration  with R Kelly.

Family and Marriage

Alikiba has five children; Amiya Kiba, Chamy Kiba, Prince Sameer Kiba, Jmal and Keyaan. He is married  Amina Khalef on April 19 2018. She hails from Kongowea in Mombasa, Kenya. Together with Amina they have one son named Keyaan.

Alikiba with wife Amina Khalif



Alikiba attended Upanga Primary School in Dar es salaam before proceeding to secondary school. Although he has a passion for music, Alikiba developed interest in soccer. He is a left legged.

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Watch theAlikiba playing soccer below.

Music Career of King Kiba

In 2004, he started pursuing a career as a songwriter and a music artist and wrote his first song, Maria. Later that year, Alikiba started working on his first album. In 2007 he released  Cinderella Album.  This was the album that introduced Alikiba to the music scene. The album’s top single, Cinderella was an instant hit and made it to number one on all of Tanzania’s music charts and was big enough. He didn’t stop here and in 2008 he released yet another album, Usiniseme and at this point, he was dominating the charts across East Africa and beyond. The album, Alikiba 4 Real was another piece. In the same year, Alikiba was nominated and won the Kilimanjaro Music Awards for Cinderella.

Click on the link below to watch Cinderella.

He has a couple of songs that have done so well in East Africa and Internationally. Some of the songs include,

Usiniseme, Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia, Chekecha Cheketua, Mwana and many more. In addition he  has done more songs. AliKiba, the world famous singer, has sung some really lovely and beautiful songs. Ali Kiba– Seduce Me song has been trending since its release.

To watch seduce me click on the link below.

King Kiba has recently released a song dubbed Mbio. Further, it is a song that he claims to have written 10 years ago while he first visited Muscat Oman.

To watch the video click on the link below.

In addition Alikiba has given bongo music a great feel. His is some good work that has seen him travel the world. Finally, his music is loved in Kenyan and has a large fan base here.







  1. Alikiba is my favourite world superstar

  2. King kiba is the best of the best his hit songs can never be be a miss supper voice en well organise if you want real en cool bongo music Alikiba is the best has never been out of order i respect en love you man you are the face of Bongo music i wish i can be your student…

  3. Abdullah dae : June 9, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Ali k u r best of the best love u just 2 sanaa

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