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Kirinyaga Deputy Governor’s wife speaks after viral video which left Kenyans shocked

April 30, 2018 at 12:17
Kirinyaga Deputy Governor's wife speaks after viral video which left Kenyans shocked

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri was caught is a very sticky situation after a clip was leaked in which he was naked with a woman, whom, according to the police, worked with some men to force him to confess he was cheating with her.

The clip went viral as Kenyans tried to ponder if the deputy was cheating or not.  He released a press release apologizing for the clip and then promised to make sure the people behind the clip will be arrested.

Liz Njuguna was accused of trying to extort the deputy governor Ksh 5 million

His wife, who he went to church with on Sunday, opened up about the issue saying that she has forgiven him after a soul searching session. She was speaking at Christ is the Answer ministries (CITAM) where the couple go to worship.

Ndambiri, in the church, again promised that he’ll get the people arrested and finished off by saying that the devil will always be defeated.

“The devil had been defeated and the devil will not succeed.” he said 





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