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Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro reveals ideal traits she looks for in a man

February 17, 2021 at 18:40
Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro reveals ideal traits she looks for in a man

Most people will say that women from this generation look for men with money. It is not a lie – who wants a miserable life when money can buy a good one?

Well, Kamene Goro happens to be one of these women; and truth is, many females will support her on this.

Kamene Goro

Speaking during her morning shows with Jalang’o just recently; Ms Kamene who continues to keep her relationship on the low opened up to discuss some of the qualities she looks for in a man.

Ideal traits Kamene is Attracted to

Apart from a good-looking man who can turn heads… Kamene Goro says she wants a man who is more financially stable than she is. This is because she can afford to pay for her own lifestyle (that is an apartment in Kilimani and self owned cars.)

Radio presenter Kamene Goro

Then this means – any man looking for Kamene’s attention should be stable enough to own a home or homes with a fleet of cars; not forgetting businesses.

Apart from the tangible wealth…Kamene also says that she wants a smart man! Hallelujah! Yes, a man who who is both street and book smart is indeed a plus when it comes to settling down.

For more information watch the detailed video below courtesy of Kiss FM.



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