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“Kobe Mzee wewe” Uncle Shamte’s baby mama throws shade at Mama Dangote

April 21, 2020 at 16:49
“Kobe Mzee wewe” Uncle Shamte’s baby mama throws shade at Mama Dangote

There is drama on Instagram between Iffah and Mama Dangote who have been beefing for years now!

Apparently before Mama Dangote met with Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones; he had been in a serious relationship with Iffah who also happens to be his baby mama!

Swahili shade

However Rally Jones who had been looking for a good life found it in Mama Dangote’s arms! The fella now lives a very expensive lifestyle and drives big cars that have been provided to him by mama D!

With this all over social media, both Rally and Mama Dangote have grown a thick skin that allows them to take insults from social media users without a care in the world.

Rally Jones with Baba Diamond Platnumz

Husband snatcher

About a year ago the two ladies exchanged bitter words that left Iffah revealing that Mama Dangote had refused to allow Rally Jones to even visit his son!

This definitely mama Diamond fighting for herself in a corner all alone. However seems that the issue was solved until just a few hours when the two sparked yet another fight!

Iffah insults mama Dangote

As seen on her Instagram page, Iffah has left no stone unturned as she insulted mama Dangote. What caused the online war is still unknown however chances are that the two are back to arguing about their husband. Iffah went on to write saying;

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

😂😂😂😂jipange upya bibiee ndio mie mama shashaboy raha ya kuchambana uso kwa uso mjusi mweusi na simtumi mtu kuchamba nakuchamba mwenyewe kukuonyesha sikuogopi 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎kobe mzee


Mama Dangote maintains her silence

Looking through mama Dangote’s page, it’s clear that she has not engaged in the social media war – but fans claim that she is allegedly using a pseudo account for her dirty work.

Uncle Shamte

Apart from Iffah, Mama Dangote has been in bad terms with the likes of Mama Hamisa Mobetto; who was also linked to the guy. Anyway let’s see how the drama unfolds.






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