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Kondeboy Features in Country Boy’s new jam ‘Watoto’

June 25, 2019 at 18:28
Kondeboy Features in Country Boy's new jam 'Watoto'

Kondeboy Features in Country Boy’s new jam ‘Watoto’. Harmonize  is signed under the Wasafi Record Label. Watoto is a club banger. Honestly, this is this jam is great. Also, the voices are great.

Also, I’d say that this is a unique callabo coming from a bongo artist and a rapper. The Tanzanian artists in Watoto talk about a girl and how fine she looks. The song also says that Kama una mtoto wako njoo naye, this is not just a child but a girl.

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Production of ‘Watoto’ video

The video has been shot in Tanzania. In addition, it was directed by Kenny under Zoom Production in Dar es Salaam. It is some good work worth ones time. Also, you realize that the visuals in this video are great and some art applied.

I feel like the duo just knew what they were doing here. The beats and the audio are in sync. They are flowing so easily that you won’t realize that you are already dancing to the tune.

The choice of costume and set design is in line with the theme of the song. Like the vixens are dressed in a way that ata sijui niseme nini..

Presentation of  ‘Watoto’

Mmh! Well there is something that you will notice about this banger. There is use of swahili sayings. Hasira za mkizi hizo Furaha kwa mvuvi; You know what Kondeboy does. This guy is just talented.

Actually, it’s been long since I heard this in the music world. Also, the jam has a style in which the lyrics has been presented. This stanza caught my attention; Nangoja muda ufike twende ndani(ayayayaya) Kwenye bonge la uwanja kitandani(ayayayaya) Nikuonyeshe vile mi hufanya mami Sinanga utani, utani, utani, utani. Seems like this Mtoto will get it rough in bed.

The role of turn-taking is well taken care of. Watoto is a great jam. It gets a rating of 7/10.

Click on the link below to watch ‘Watoto’ video.





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