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KRG The Don Warns His Ex Wife’s Sister Against Visiting His Kids, Threatens To Expose Her

January 12, 2022 at 13:29
KRG The Don Warns His Ex Wife's Sister Against Visiting His Kids, Threatens To Expose Her

Musician KRG still blames his ex-wife’s sister for spewing unpleasant words to expedite his separation with Linah Wanjiru. The two went their separate ways in October last year; and went on an insulting spree as they threw shade at each other.

To begin with, Linah publicly criticized KRG and stated he’s not good in bed. This would later rope in KRG’s response as he explained Linah was rolling with ‘chokoraas’ and that’s why he left her.

”She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras,”KRG stated.

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KRG’s Warning To Linah’s Sister

The musician has now written a detailed post that gives new info on how Linah’s sister allegedly mistreated KRG’s two sons. He also gave a stun warning to her against visiting his sons at school;

”Racheal Kiruthi let me just warn you!!

Next time when you go to visit your daughter (Riyah) at school never ever go near my kids (Naville n Naem) ever again!!

Concentrate on your family and let my family be at peace that we enjoy after dealing with all the nonsense you and your family made us go through….

When you were mistreating my kids by beating them like dogs and feeding them noodles and mala na Ugali for 1 month straight you never knew they were your sister’s kids?

Ama coz when your sister was busy with her boyfriends and she left my kids at your mercy for a couple of days you thought I would never save my kids?”

KRG continued by threatening to expose her for talking ill behind her sister’s back (his ex wife Linah).

”I advise you to concentrate on misleading your sister Ndio asiwahijua ukweli of how you talk about her behind her back and what you were doing to my kids at Nys ( I will one day leak the voice notes)”





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