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KTN Swahili news anchor looking for a virgin (details)

January 25, 2018 at 08:31
KTN Swahili news anchor looking for a virgin (details)

Lofty Matambo, a Swahili news anchor and radio presenter at Radio Maisha is looking for a virgin as announced on his Facebook page.

The post which has left many talking has 2 requirements. He requests any virgins or any woman who was recently married a virgin to contact him.

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Secondly he reveals that he is also looking for any person in the sex toy business. Judging from the post it is evident that this is for his show, where he will probably get a chance to talk about an issue many are avoiding to touch.

Lofty’s post

Fans react to his post

It is undeniably surprising to see someone pull such a bold move. However, most fans think that virgins are rare to find and with this, seems like the two topics will receive a lot of comments.





  1. There are no virgins

  2. Sex toy business wako wengi kilimani mums

  3. Virgins itakua ngumu and how will he know she is one?

  4. One in a million possibly

  5. This is for a show but virgins boss itakua ngumu,and let’s know how you’ll verify one is a virgin

  6. slimy sophy mbeyu : January 25, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Are you also a (virvin)

  7. In kenya its very hard to get a virgin.even secondary virginity lady may be one in a thousand

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