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Kumbe! High chances that Kamene Goro is dating Ethic group´s Seska

July 25, 2019 at 12:29
Kumbe! High chances that Kamene Goro is dating Ethic group´s Seska

KISS 100´s Kamene Goro is suspiciously dating one of Ethic´s member, Seska aka ´fire-spitter´.

According to Nairobi´s latest rumor gang, the two are the newest celebrity couple in town.

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It stared off, with the radio presenter featuring as a video vixen in the music group´s ¨Figa¨ jam that was all about applauding a woman´s features that Kamene represented pretty well.

Additionally, we could spot the curvy radio personality get flirty with the boys, cooking eggs for ´Mtoto wa Eunice´ as well as grinding with Zilla.

That was the first and masses did not pin as much weight on it, so it was a pass.

However, ´once bitten, twice shy´ and Ethic has done it again.

In their latest release with Otile Brown, dubbed ¨Dala Dala¨ Seska mentions Kamene in a creative yet revealing way, rapping:

Nikukipa silver, Goro [Gold] ntapea Kamene.

Seska basically talks about how valuable Kamene is to him, because if for an ordinary girl he would award a silver, then Kamene has to carry home, the Gold.

This has a higher chance of confirming that the two have a ´thing´ if nothing more.

With the creativity we have witnessed in the Kenyan ´meme-making´ industry, there is already one out, for the duo.

Up on her Insta, Kamene is caught by surprise captioning:


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A post shared by Kamene Goro (@kamenegoro) on


Unfortunately, only she is because fans already speculated it way before.



😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌 acheni kujifanya😂😂


Huyo ni ule wa mangoto kwa vidole… 🤣🤣🤣But si ni life

Alar! Kupandana ni sawa
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