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‘Kuongozwa’, new gospel in town by Guardian Angel

July 16, 2019 at 22:53
Guardian Angel the music doctor; Kuongozwa




Guardian Angel is back with a new gospel hit dubbed Kuongozwa. He has been taking the gospel industry ad I must say that his energy never wears out.  To start with, he is among the few who has not had any scandals that has been the case with most artists.

This new single was composed and delivered by Guardian Angel. Also, he is super talented in what he does.

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Guardian Angel performs his songs in a way that will capture ones attention. He has invested a lot in emotions. Actually, it makes one feel like they are walking hand in hand with God at the moment.

Guardian Angel taking the gospel industry far; Kuongozwa

Although the gospel industry is still struggling, Guardian Angel is doing wonders.

‘Kuongozwa’ message

Kuongozwa is simply means Whatever I do  Wherever I be  Still it’s God’s hand  That leadeth me. It is such a simple line derived from the Holy book and it means a lot to many.

Also, there is this stanza that really makes me feel good; Lord I surrender Withholding nothing Wacha roho wake nijae For by his sense He leadeth me. You know that moment at the altar. Further he says that he is giving his life to God and leaves nothing behind. What a beautiful song!


In addition to the strong message in Kuongozwa , a lot has been done to make this jam great. First the audio producer did a good job. The audio and the beats are in sync. Also, mixing is well done. This is the work of Vicky Pondis of Simba Sound Production.

Secondly, the video has been given the best. The director is someone to be consulted by many. Directing for this video was done by Kevin Current. The video has met the international standards. To add on that, the choice of background is great and the costume.

As far as the gospel industry is concerned, Guardian Angel is really doing well. Kuongozwa gets a rating of 8/10.

Below is a link to the video.

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