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”Kupendwa Raha Jamani” Socialite Amber Ray Brags After Lavish Valentines Treat (Videos)

February 15, 2021 at 14:39
''Kupendwa Raha Jamani'' Socialite Amber Ray Brags After Lavish Valentines Treat (Videos)

What did you do during Valentines? Did you treat your man or woman or surprise them with a gift? Well, socialite Amber Ray’s bae, Jamal Marlow had his plans for the love of his life. The gentleman is among the few men who showed love to their women by giving them a treat.

Through Amber’s social media, it’s evident the socialite is contented with her new lover. Wearing her red Valentines dress, she was given all sorts of good treatment by her man.


”Thank you my babie for everything. Forever grateful.”

”I just can’t get enough of last night…najua nime post sana..please mnisamehe”

”Kupendwa raha jamani…. aki msiniombee hii iishe”

Amber Ray, whose real name is Faith Makau, introduced her boyfriend Jamal to her fans last year. During this period, she professed her love for the businessman, adding that she feels luck to have him as her partner in crime.

”The only man who fell in love with both Faith and Amber… I’m so proud and happy to have you as my pillar and partner in crime.”

On the other hand, Jamal is a known business man, chairman to Emaar group of companies and also chairman Association of matatu operators. This explains how he’s able to afford a luxurious Valentines for Amber Ray.

Love is in the air for these two, but will it last for long? All we can do is wish them the best. They look good together. Below are videos of how Amber’s Valentines day went down;




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