Kush Tracey’s new song is about Forgiveness

May 27, 2019 at 14:26
Forgive them By Kush Tracey

When Kush Tracey announced that she had seen the light on 13th January 2019, like many others she was trolled for being a fake.

She was called all sorts of names but that did not change her stance from secular to the gospel industry. She attended a church service at Mavuno church where she got born again.

Kush Tracey revealed that she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music.


Clearly she is doing good in the gospel as she is back with a new jam dubbed “Forgive Them”

New Song…..Forgive Them

Forgive them, is a song that can resonate with anybody.It  speaks on the importance of forgiving those that have hurt us their words and deeds.

Further, it emphasizes on why we should forgive because it is for our own good and for us to be able to move on in life  by letting go of what we can not change.

From the lyrics, the song  speaks of the importance of love and why forgiveness is the key to the peace we long for the world,despite of our differences.


However, the style of production for this song would be said that not much creativity was put in.Why?

The video itself is a complete replica of Naiboi’s 2in 1.Or am I the only one who has seen that?I don’t think so.

Though Kush Tracey looks good in the video too.Blessings miss!! Clearly you glow different when you are in Christ.


Production of the song was done by Dj Thamos- Adonnel Music and the video put together by Ng’weno job.

In the video, other Kenyan celebrities like Jalang’o, Alex Mwakideu, Timeless Noel,Dj Mo among others  also appear in song for support of this big tune.

Again it is the same as what happened in the 2 in 1 music video.

I hope no else uses this style again, monotony people monotony!

It being a new phase ,Tracey said she is a working progress as she transitions to the gospel and mentoring of the youth.For that we wish her well.

But for that let’s jam to this song as we forgive those that hurt us.

For rating we give this 7/10.What do you think?



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