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Kwani ni chakula? Huddah explains why she has never or will ever be single in her life!

March 11, 2020 at 12:42
Kwani ni chakula? Huddah explains why she has never or will ever be single in her life!

Huddah Monroe has never been single! The lady revealed this through an Instagram post where she confessed about her addiction to d!*k.

The business lady made it know that her life can never move forward when she is single and for this reason; she always has a backup plan somewhere waiting for her after calling off most of her romantic relationships!

This comes at a time where most of Huddah’s fans are not aware of who she is dating or is secretly involved with! One of her fans however could not live without knowing whether her boss lady was dating or not.

The fans went on to ask Huddah;

Are you single and if yes why?

Huddah responds

Through her Instagram page the lady happened to respond, sharing more information than we expected her to!

According to Huddah, she cannot live without d*ck and this is why she is always with someone to help satisfy her needs. The boss lady responded saying;

hahaah! Babe I am not single. Never been single. I can’t live without dick in my life 🤣🤣🤣


Huddah and Juma Juxx

About 3 weeks ago, Ms Huddah was linked to Vanessa Mdee’s Ex boyfriend Juma Juxx who took her for a private vacation in Zanzibar.

Juma Juxx enjoys vacation in Zanzibar

Word had it that Huddah finally got her chance with the singer now that he is officially broken up with Vanessa Mdee; who also happens to be Huddah’s friend!

Juma Jux and Huddah Monroe allegedly dating

However it appears that their short lived relationship was not so series as the two seem to have moved on with their lives despite their romantic getaway!




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