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“Kwani unafuga nyoka?” Eric Omondi giving ladies sleepless nights with new underwear photo

November 18, 2020 at 20:17
"Kwani unafuga nyoka?" Eric Omondi giving ladies sleepless nights with new underwear photo

Eric Omondi will be scoring a wife in 2021 especially now that he has a body to flaunt around. Could have been that the young man was having a hard time finding a wife who could accept his petite body that weighed 48 kgs; but Eric needs to worry no more.

Apart from unveiling a new entertainment studio, the young man also dropped a few hot photos that continue making many thirsty on social media.

Barely 24 hours after revealing that his skinny body is a story of the past; the comedian has now drifted all this attention to his boxers. This is after Eric shared yet another new photo; and this time around the females in the comment section did not seem concentrate with the size of his huge biceps.

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This is because whatever was tucked inside his boxers seemed to scream out for attention; and boy did he get it! Not just the ladies but also male fans and colleagues who could not believe their eyes!

Well, this not being the first time Eric is proving to have been highly favored in terms of size; his female fans in the comment section could not stop discussing that size.

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Well, I guess those who can confirm whether the size shown is true is only chantal and baby mama, Jackie Maribe among the unknown. But all in all, it’s not so bad to excite fans once in a while; and thanks to Eric, we end this 2020 in a good note! Checkout the post below;




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