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‘Kwata Kawaya’ hitmaker Mbuvi is back with ‘Only You’ alongside Mso Muguna and it’s awesome (Video)

October 07, 2019 at 12:30
‘Kwata Kawaya’ hitmaker Mbuvi is back with 'Only You' alongside Mso Muguna and it's awesome (Video)

Gospel singer Victor Mbuvi, who is famed for his Kwata Kawaya hit, has dropped a new song with Mso Muguna and we are really feeling it.

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The jam titled Only You talks about the one person who can redeem us, be there for us during hard times, supply our needs, guide us etc. That person is none other than our maker – God.

I really love this song. Apart from the powerful message that it conveys, after listening to it, I know most, if not all of  you will agree with that it’s really melodious. I just kept hitting the replay button. I could not help it.

Mbuvi and Mso Muguna

Mbuvi and Mso Muguna

Although this was my fist time listening to a song by Mso Muguna, I was not disappointed. She really has a nice voice and you just want to keep listening to her. Watch out for this lass because she’s going places, trust me!

As expected, Mbuvi also came through on this jam. I must, however, say that we really missed his playfulness. In this song, he’s so laid back but that does not men that it’s not awesome. It actually is.

The producer also did a good job. I kept busting moves (read as nodding my head) on the sofa as I was reviewing this song. Props to Terence!

The video concept was simple but I feel it works for this song. Also, I was not really expecting a newcomer to splurge on a video.

Watch Only You below and tell us what you think.




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