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Lava Lava´s ¨Hatuachani¨ video is now out but fans think it is too explicit for the Ramadhan season

May 21, 2019 at 10:11
Lava Lava´s ¨Hatuachani¨ video is now out but fans think it is too explicit for the Ramadhan season

WCB latest signee, Lava Lava releases ´Hatuachani´ jam video contrary to his previous ´Tuachane´ anthem and fans can´t keep calm.

Roughly 3 weeks ago, the bongo artist released ¨Hatuachani¨ jam featuring Rhumba artist, Salha and it´s video is now out.

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LOVE BITE…[email protected]_

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Funny thing though is the release that speaks volumes particularly fact that he will not let go of his lover.

Lava Lava strongly condemns friends and close allies that pretend they care and know how to handle marriages.

But end up splitting a couple for selfish gains.

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Alhamdulillah Swalatul jumaa Imeisha Salama ..🙏🙏

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He affirms to his lover that they will not break up.

Additionally, that she should watch out and stay away from ticks that are out to suck out the blood.

Achananao manyambafu wasikupande kichwaniiiii

Midomo yao michafu isikunyime amaniiii

They ought to ignore the petty noises the crowd makes, mind their own business and stay tight together.

Because that is what haters dislike most.

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They should bother less about the haters who should not even be a reason for their sleepless nights and headaches.

Nipende kama sarafu unifiche kwapaniiiiii

Naunigane siafu hata tukiwa njianiiiiiii

Unfortunately, the crowds might feel jealous because they are thriving, but they shall not succeed.

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If anything, they should dance to the beats of their love song, going down to Rhumba dance moves.

The lesson

Interestingly, Lava Lava claims to have learnt his lesson from his Boss, Chibu and Zari´s marriage that crudely got torn apart.

Naomba Zifikisheni Habari Kwa Ricado Momo

Purukushani Za Mondi Na Zari Zimenipa Somo

This comes contrary to his previous ¨Tuachane¨ jam where he was focused on breaking up with his girlfriend for cheating allegations.

Lava Lava´s trend in the bongo land and in the WCB label are proof he is able to tend to the needs of his audience as well as stay relevant in the industry.

He will remain known for his Rhumba and RNB genres that he stars on, most of the time.

The 3-day old video is currently trending on Number 14 with over 375,000 views on You Tube.


Unfortunately, fans on social media feel that the timing and video content of the jam is wrong and way too explicit especially for this Ramadhan season.

Wewe ni shetan ramadhan na bongo fleva tofauti eti na wewe unategemea allah akupe mwisho mwema


@ben_joho kwl ulichosema yan hapo kafanya kusud wakat anajuwa kabisa hii no ramadhan jamn


@asmajlly allah atamuangaza na dunia mana anafanya kusudi anajua na anafanya

However, there will always be two sides of a coin as others just fall in love with the jam:



Achana Nao Manyambafu 💥💥


🙌mawinguni 💕💕


Hii umezingua


Kaka video imetishaaaaa sana watu wawai mi nishacheki🔥💥🔥💥




Roumba mama roumba 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃apoo apoo i like 🌷🇸🇳




Lavalava mbona ni msumbuvu yan🔥🔥kila nyimbo🔥🔥
Mziki mzuri Upo wcb
Mzee wa hit song

But there are some who feel he ever complains in his videos:

Nawewe badilika bana nyimbo za kulalamika kila saa!!


Check out ¨Hatuachani¨ video below:

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    Ramadhan Kareem!

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