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Lavalava of Wasafi stands for love,as he releases new audio jam “Hatuachani”

April 26, 2019 at 17:26
Lavalava of Hatuachani

Wasafi records artists seem to understand the language of love better.The way  they maneuver around with words  brings out the love with an all new approach.

Lavalava is among several artists signed under Wasafi records that so far is doing far much better in East Africa if not the whole of Africa.

Lavalava  is back in the scene with his latest audio jam ‘Hatuachani”-which loosely translates to we ain’t breaking up.

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He starts of with;”Achana nao manyambafu wisikupande Kichwani,midomo yao michafu isikunyime amani.We nipende kama sarafu unifiche kwapani na  unigande siafu ata tukiwa njiani” 

Well, in this song  ‘Dede” hit maker is clearly marking his territory to the love of his life.

At the same time he is telling off those that are keen to scatter the relationship.‘…hawapendi kuona penzi linafika mbali, hudi wanachama, Usiku wala hawalali.”

The Swahili in his lyrics is quite distinct and also very poetic. I mean this guy gets  what a woman wants to feel like. Though here its more about what he wants.

In his other line he says,‘Wanakesha kwa sangoma penzi walitie misumari wasikupe hooma mambo yatakuwa ng’ari ng’ari”  This describing how some people are just bent on killing their relationship to the extent of even going to witchdoctors ‘Sangoma’ .


Yes, men too deserve to be spoiled once in while for sanity purposes.Not just being the ones that give always. They also need to receive that affection and attention.

As he continues you notice from the beats that he  has adopted a little bit of the Chakacha or mduara sound. In the video we expect a bit of ‘Kusasambua“-twerking in Deras by the swahili women.

As sensual as the sound and lyrics are, he managed to bring in the bridge some bits of the trending Diamond and Zari drama.

“..eeeh naomba zifikisheni habari kwa Ricardo Momo,purukushani za Mondi na Zari zimenipa somo,”  I mean who misses  to read about such drama? Tuko rada!

As we wait for the video we must appreciate the poetic eloquence portrayed by Lavalava. For those in love remind ‘the haters’ lavalava says ‘Hatuachani.”

I give it a 7/10 rating.Listen to it and let us know what you think.




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