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Legendary RnB artist, Nyashinski turns a year older and Kenya celebrates his music prowess

April 09, 2019 at 08:12
Legendary RnB artist, Nyashinski turns a year older and Kenya celebrates his music prowess

19 years down the road, multi-talented rapper, Nyashinski is still very relevant in the lucrative industry turning a year older in style.

8th April marks the RnB artiste´s birth date.

Legendary RnB artist, Nyashinski

However, we celebrate the ´Malaika´ hit maker for more than just one reason.

He is an inspiration to lots of youthful, upcoming talent; his music prowess and breakthrough in the industry is a living testimony.

Kenyan celebrities, artistes and media personalities have come out in mass numbers to appreciate the outspoken artiste.

On his Instagram page, he captions:


Eh Nyamari!😂  Happy birthday @realshinski

More life to you, more blessings. #GOAT!

Na blessings zizidi kukuja your way bro 🙌🙌🙌


Happy Birthday!!!


Ships zilikua zina come through🤣


Happy Birthday Chief Surgeon.

Ongezewa miaka zaidi na zaidi ya.


Happy Birthday King!


Happy birthday🤗🤗


Happy Birthday👑👑 Bless!


Happy Birthday ! May God continue to expand your territory.


A plus

Citizen TV´s #OneLove reggae show host, Talia Oyando, additionally, celebrates their 18 years of friendship, from way back in 2002:

A photo that many believe is a true testimony that the future is promising and nothing but Respect is thrown their way.

Popular ´Selina´ star, Pascal Tokodi also celebrates the O.G in style:

2 in 1 hitmaker, Naiboi, is not left behind in celebrating the legendary Hip-Hop artist:


The Hip-Hop Artiste has a history of being associated with the group of Kleptomaniax, which came to the Kenyan screens, early 2000.

TBT: The Kleptomaniax group

Kleptomaniax joined Ogopa Deejays label and released debut hits including: Freak It (2002), Maniax Anthem and Haree.

´Tuendelee´ single released in 2004, remains the group´s major hit.

After they took a break, Nyashinski left the country for the US.

Nyashinski makes a comeback in 2016 with ´Now You Know´ single that introduced him back to the Kenyan music industry.

´Now You Know´ singer, Nyashinski

Soon after, came ´Malaika´ hit that touched the soft spot of many hearts and couples till date, celebrate the romantic song.

The rest is history.




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