Leonard Mambo Mbotela’s message to Cyprian Nyakundi after he wished death upon him

July 17, 2017 at 13:15
Leonard Mambo Mbotela’s message to Cyprian Nyakundi after he wished death upon him

Early Saturday morning Kenyans woke up to sad news about the death of veteran radio host Leonard Mambo Mbotela. It turned out that the news was fake.

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundu was the one who sounded the false alarm, he tweeted about Mbotela’s death saying that the legendary presenter had died in an accident.

Friends and families of the ‘Je Huu Ni Ungwana’ host were quick to discredit the false information dispensed by Cyprian Nyakundi.

Mbotela himself dismissed the death hoax while speaking to Radio Jambo. He said that he had forgiven the purveyor of fake news about his death.

“I forgive the person who crafted and peddled the false report that I perished in a road accident,” Leonard Mambo Mbotela said.

Meanwhile Cyprian Nyakundi also apologized for wishing death upon the veteran radio host, he said his source misled him.

“Sorry guys. My always right source was wrong in the Mbotela story. Mzee is very ok and I apologize unreservedly for the post. Errors are common especially when given alerts by a source that’s always on point.I apologize 4 the distress my tweets might have caused. If you had reposted the same story please delete and clarify that he is ok. Let’s wish Mbotela a long life. He is a role model to many. Errors are common and I’ll call Mzee Mbotela to personally apologize for the tweets that have misled and confused Millions of Kenyans,” wrote Nyakundi.

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