Let’s jam to Timmy T Dat’s new banger Kipopo.

April 09, 2019 at 17:12
Let’s jam to Timmy T Dat’s new banger Kipopo.

Timmy T Dat is back with a new banger featuring fast rising Tanzanian female rapper Rosa Ree . Rosa is known for the hit song Banjuka that has been causing ripples in the airwaves.

Timmy’s new song with Rosa is dubbed Kipopo, a feel good club banger with catchy beats and full of energy.

It’s one of those songs that play in a club and you can’t help but storm the dance-floor and move to the beat.


The song was released 1 week ago and it has over 220,000 views. It’s trending at number 12 and that’s commendable.

Rosa does justice to the intro. You can tell she was in a good mood when recording the song. She then drops bars in her usual bad-gal style.

One of the verses that caught our attention is where she plays around with words saying

Eveybody wanna rhyme to the song

Murder murder murder like am Don Corleone.

Its lunch time like bird with a thong

Put da ting in my face, feed me da ding dong”

 Timmy also didn’t disappoint. He intercepts with killer flow and raps with his usual  witty style.

A verse from Timmy which impressed us is where he spit rhymes saying

Umenipa key nitakosaje kuingia kwako

Umenibuyia watch nitakosaje time yako

We ni Kartel nitakosaje vibe yako

Na vile nimekunyoa basi me ndio baba yako

The video was shot and directed by Enos Olik and he did a fantastic job. He blends both indoor and out-door locations to give fans a quality video. The aerial shots from Ngong hills are breathtaking. The editing too is top notch and the dancers spiced the video with energetic dance moves.

However, the chorus sounds a bit weak but generally, this is a good come back for Timmy T Dat.

What do you think about this new banger by Timmy T Dat. Is it a hit or a miss?



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