Like father, like son: Meet the man who fathered Kanze Dena’s handsome son

November 06, 2017 at 17:14
Like father, like son: Meet the man who fathered Kanze Dena’s handsome son

Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor Kanze Dena recently unveiled her ex’s face – the man who also happens to be the father of her handsome son through her Instagram page for the first time.

The soft spoken news anchor went on to reveal that she took some time off to spend the weekend with her teenage son and also got to hang out with her who joined them to speak to their teenage son now that he has entered the adolescent stage.

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Through her Instagram page she wrote saying;

Good morning from mama amani.. Amani and my co parent… .. Kibaridi jamani kitaniua mwanangwa wa jane Mebunda.. Interview manenoz for the ‘adolescent ‘ as he calls himself. Just wanna say Co parenting works …unaweka Mungu Kwanzaa… Mtoto Mbele na tofauti zenu Kando. Ila najua Kwa wengine najua napigia mbuzi guitar!!?? Haidhuru langu nishasema… Happy Saturday… #hamnamakeup #roadtrips #backleftmanenoz

It no secret that she still gets along with fella even though their relationship did not work out as planned. Anyway below is a photo of the three hanging out together this past Saturday, 4th November.

Kanze Dena with her ex and son

Kanze Dena with her ex and son



  1. This is good parenting

  2. They look good together

  3. This is how a family should be

  4. Handsome kid

  5. Hey.. wanakaa poa…the boy is big. kwa hivo Kanze fanya hima upate mwengine uzee wabisha faster

  6. bring it together kanze …God will bless u big …there are no break ups in heaven…

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  8. That restaurant looks so fucking shady! I’m sure it’s the ex who suggested it.

  9. No comment. Personally I thank God for this country. We have gone through very difficult moment and businesses are not doing well. Its time we start healing this country and of course make some money

  10. So commendable kanze Dena..
    Keep it up

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