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Lilian Muli shows off her legs in tiny dress giving team mafisi a reason to go wild

November 01, 2017 at 17:44
Lilian Muli

Citizen TV’s news anchor Muli has lately been entertaining her fans through her social media pages where she posts photos which end up giving them sleepless nights.

Her latest photos where she is seen wearing a short dress showing off her legs has left the ‘team mafisi’ leaving thirsty comments like Nyuma iko sawa while others from praising her fine looks which they find hard to ignore.

The news anchor captioned the photo saying;

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Walking away from BS with a big smile on my face…not today Devil! Happy New Month

She might have posted the photo thinking it is harmless but Lilian definitely knew that the photo would create room for thirsty comments left by her own fans. Though she was addressing haters who like to criticize her life – she ended up attracting the people who have been eyeing her on the low as they wait for right time to strike.

Below is the photo and the comments can be found here. Did she slay or not?

Lilian Muli shows off her legs and assets

Lilian Muli shows off her legs and assets





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