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Louis Otieno’s gay son injured in accident (Photo)

January 15, 2021 at 15:10
Louis Otieno's gay son injured in accident (Photo)

Former news anchor Louis Otieno’s son Silas Miami is recuperating after sustaining an injury while riding his electric bike.

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Taking to Twitter on Friday, Miami, who is a filmmaker and a budding musician, revealed that he broke both of his elbows during the accident.

Silas Miami

He went on to add that other than the horrific pain that he was experiencing, one thing that really bothered him was the emergency medical technicians had had to cut through his Ivy Park sweatshirt.

The post was accompanied with a photo that showed Miami smiling, as if he was not feeling the pain, with bandages on both of his hands.

Miami and his gay lover celebrated their first anniversary on December 10, 2020. The two bought for each other some beautiful flowers and cut a cate to mark the auspicious occasion.





  1. No matter how much media tries to make a this vice look “okay& normal” the truth will never change..homosexuality is a sin..period! There’s no marriage between same gender people..just a desperate, wicked n depraved attempt to legitimize Sin/wickedness.. sodomy was judged by God in the past civilisations n trust me, God Hasn’t changed His stand on this. Shame shame that this is even being filth is being run in african media.

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