Love in the air as Octopizzo goes all ‘lovey dovey’ on his wife (photo)

September 13, 2017 at 16:16

Even ‘bad boys’ can love and if you think I am joking then allow me to share the beautiful message rapper Octopizzo dedicated to his wife today when celebrating her as his #wcw.

We have watched some of his relationship fall apart and since he hated drama he always makes sure to keep his private life on the low. He is however a responsible father and despite having different baby mamas he always makes sure to look after his babies.

Octopizzo with his daughter, Akinyi

Away from that, he seems to have fallen hard for his wife who happens to be the mother of his daughter, Akinyi.

Earlier today Octopizzo sent this heartfelt message out to his wife talking about how hard he had fallen for her as she completes him in ways he cannot explain. He wrote saying,

Octopizzo with his wife

Never been happier, never been so motivated by another soul than this crazy human I call my wife. I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine. Acha nisiendelee juu naeza andika novel hapa. Kidogo nicry na si teargas #NuAfrika

Well, it’s certainly sweet of him to show this side of him we had never seen before.


  1. Mzee wa NuAfrika hapo umeweza brathe

  2. tunasemaga kwa mpigo

  3. umepeleka sheng majuu mlami ako fete

  4. nakutambua bro shikilia kabisa

  5. Nice couple right there

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