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Love gone sour;Nandy brings in Sauti Sol in “Kiza Kinene”

September 11, 2019 at 14:00
Sauti Sol and Nandy

Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing that thrives on endless trying to make each other happy. However for many people that is not the case.

Anyway, award winning boy band Sauti Sol have featured in Nandy’s new jam titled ‘Kiza Kinene”.  These artists are among the most  celebrated East African Musicians on the continent and beyond. Well this is  good for us. Proud moments huh!

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Kiza Kinene

This is a song that talks of the pain of a heartbreak between two lovers.  Nandy starts off the song in a somber mood depicting the hurt that love has brought her.


In all expectations no one ever expects to get that kind of pain. Nandy did a good job in the song as she starts with “Kiherehere kimeniisha Eeh nimekuwa simulizi kwa penzi lako Waninanga wee Zaidi yanisikitisha Eti nimekuwa chuma cha kafuro Nipo juu ya mawe…….”

In that, she describes  how her joy just vanished at once and she now feels the emptiness.She even compares it to the steel on padlock.Clearly, parables are still a thing.

Further on, she goes to tell us of  her anguish when it comes to love. Love left her shattered and unprepared for the harsh reality of loneliness, and ‘Kiza kinene”-darkness.

And of course the Sol Generation boys on their part did not disappoint with their vocals. Bringing too life the response of the male lover that is also broken by the break up.

Bien did it all when he says,“I’ve been trying not to diss you Mwenzako mimi nilikuwa sina issue mpenzi Hope uko sawa, my darling And I’ve been trying not to miss you Ila unapoenda kutwa yangu maumivu We yangu dawa, ooooh ooh….”


Basically at the end of the day, love is worth fighting for by overlooking one’s mistakes, if not talk about them. The message in this song is that we don’t have to wallow in pain when we can still love if we let go of our ego.

The song was Directed by Justin Campos Music  and Produced by Kimambo Beats.

For rating will go for 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.




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