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Love redefined by Arrow Bwoy in his New Jam ‘Godo”

April 21, 2019 at 17:33
Godo is the lastest song done ArrowBoy


The month of April seems to have been definitive to many Kenyan Musicians because of the continuous release of hit after hit.That should tell you that Kenyan artists are no longer here to play.

When you thought Arrow Bwoy was just all about swag, the Afro pop musician changes tune to bring you this love ballad “Godo”. Godo is a love song cupped in an apology.

Lyrical Master…

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A Baritone voice and sensualism cannot be easily put together.However, Arrow Bwoy disagrees as he drops his new song ‘Godo”.

“Godo” loosely translates to  mean heartbeat.Usinicheze godo, godo, godo, godooo(utaniumiza moyo wee)

Arrow Bwoy on stage


In this first stanza he tells his girl that talking out about their issues is important as he doesn’t like to see her crying.

Man am so weak inside(mmmh)  Songa pembeni tubonge on the side(ooh yeah) Huwa sipendi ukilia Stori za kufight sijazoea’ 

This song basically is to remind us how important love is to every person to keep their sanity.Arrow bwoy’s approach in this song is beautifully expressed in his sequel of lyrics,

‘Unaniboom kama Alkaida Machungu moyoni naumia We ndo malkia wangu(ooh yeah) Mboni ya macho yangu,’

Symbolism is also used in his lyrics when he says ‘Unaniboom kama Alkaida’,  I believe just trying to depict what he really feels for his woman.


Rhythm and his style on the beat too is on another level.Pure expression of love and passion in this song is what sells it.

“Girl you make me feel brand new I swear I will die for you Kwa kifua nimechora tattoo Zako tatu(oooh yeah)”
Smooth huh!!

Every girl want’s to here such statements no matter how cliche it sounds but it does the magic. Something Arrow Bwoy has achieved so far from the  look at the comments on  his youtube page,

Some read;

Kurikel says,

“I think arrow bwoy is one of the artists who perfectly package their craft geniously”

Zahra Hassan
My Favourite Kenyan Artiste,, Respect and love you ,,You the best Kenyan singer I know”
“Beast wa romantic songs Kenya Arrow Bwoy 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪”
Just to sample a few.

Further the production of the song itself provides a positive vibe and reason to dance to it.

It was shot by Dmax  Entertainment and directed by Trey Juelz.Join the chat on his youtube channel as I give the song a rating of  7/10.

Watch and tell us what you think on the link below.

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