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Lupita Nyong´o stuns the world with lyrical melody to her book ¨Sulwe¨

November 19, 2019 at 11:33
Lupita Nyong´o stuns the world with lyrical melody to her book ¨Sulwe¨

Kenyan International filmmaker, Lupita Nyong´o recently made the release of her book titled ¨Sulwe¨ and has now penned melodious lyrics to celebrate its release.

Via an Instagram post, she made it public to her fans after sharing a short clip of the melody.

Her voice in the background and animations as the graphics, she sings along to the tunes of the little ones looking up to her.

According to the lyrics, what she has been looking for all along – the approval and key she has been looking for – has been lying right inside of her all this while.

And to spare the little ones whose future still shines, the same trouble she went through, she believes this will be a reminder for them that ´the key´ to this life is right inside of them.

She beautifully captions:

SECRET’S OUT: I wrote a song!! It is an ode to #Sulwe and a little melody to keep in your heart any time you need a reminder that the key to unlocking your purpose and value in this life is inside you (yes, you!). ✨

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Lupita´s kids´ book remains an eye-opener and a pillar of hope for girls of color.





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