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Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single ‘Raerae’

October 19, 2019 at 15:39
Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

Maddox a member of the famous Boondocks Gang is back with single hit dubbed RaeRae (Zimenishika). In his jam he has featured the best talents in the market among them The Kansoul and Arrif.

The Kansoul we know how they do things and with Mejja being in the team it has excited fans. The trio has served muisc lovers something very hot.

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Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

In the jam Raerae Maddox has come up with a very creative thing as he is also working with the best. When we talk of Ghetto anthems, then Boondocks Gang takes the day.

What is the Raerae hype all about?

Without even trying to get the meaning of the song, the first line tells it all. In Raerae Maddox and his team are describing a sex scene. Honestly I do not understand who told this musicians it is only sex that sells.

Though the Raerae jam is in Sheng’ language, it is easy to get some of the words to send the actual message. In this case, you’ll realize that even the use of drugs is mentioned.

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Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

Deep into what Maddox is trying to tell us from the lyrics is where the whole truth lies. In the chorus, the words Raerae are repetitive as they describe the title of the song.

Uwachome na kingoto,  Riets zimeshika cheki design fulani Niko jaba nimechonga tu hii majani Na kiwada na kichaser tu ni Konyagi.

Although majority of their songs are more of weed songs, this time Maddox and his team The Kansoul and Arrif are now talking about khat, alcohol and sex.

Nina tingi na nunu imepigwa radi Unapenda kanuthu ama muratish Unapenda mandugu uvue panty Unapenda kiluku uvue shati. Here the girl is being intoxicated so as to be able to participate in sex when she is high.

Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

It is a good thing to promote talent but this is not what I will call talent. This all crap and women are not sexual tools like the Maddox, Arrif and The Kansoul show.

Music needs to be sensible. In conclusion, all factors considered Raerae gets a rating of 4/10.

Video below.





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