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Madini Classic new jam ‘Nitavumilia’ is filled with pain

August 20, 2019 at 08:24
Madini Classic new single Nitavumilia

Madini Classic has a new song dubbed Nitavumilia. To start with, the  jam comes out after he talks about his girl and the beef with Eric Omondi. Nitavumilia is all about him coping with situation-ships. The Kenyan made artist has been on the limelight.

Madini is talented and he keeps it burning. In this new jam it is evident that he has been going through a lot and thus the song. Him hitting the media waves seems like it was a plot.

Also, there is a line where he talks about Mama Madini asking about grandchildren whereas on social media they talking of him neglecting his girlfriend. Who stole his love? Mama Madini roho yake. Kenyans are always informed. Yani online FBI’s.

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What is ‘Nitavumilia’ about?

To start with, the way Madini starts the song, you’ll realize there is a lot of pain. Ni kama nakosa pumzi Maneno yanakwisha eeh Nimeona mengi Binadamu hawana mema eeh. Actually, it seems that someone hurt him Trusting human beings is a full time death job. He says that human beings are never thankful.

Madini Classic on Nitavumilia
Secondly in this stanza he talks how bad human beings are.Ona wanasema nanii  Kamtongoza nanii Hata baada ya kuniibia haoni Binadamu wabaya. Someone stole from him. This is Kenya..

Also he  goes on to say that even his friends are talking about him; Ona nabaki nalia na moyo wangu(Sana) Wananitukana mpaka wezangu(Sana) Nani aponye kidonda changu? Mama Madini roho yangu Nitavumilia tu(Kwa sana) Mimi nitavumilia(Kwa sana) Nitavumilia tu(Kwa sana) Mimi nitavumilia(Kwa sana).

To add on that in this next stanza what does he say; Oooh ona maadui hawajalala Wananipigia mpaka usiku Eti handsome umekula? Ndio kesho waseme seme. It seems like enemies are surrounding him from either side.

In addition to the message, I must say that this jam was well written. This guy can write. Also the way he has delivered the jam. First look at the lyrical presentation.

In conclusion, as much as the jam is bitter Nitavumilia is great. Madini Classic thought about it. Last but not least, Nitavumilia gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the audio.




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