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Madini is back with a new tune ‘Punani’ ft Noble Mirror 92

October 15, 2019 at 11:53
Madini is back with a new tune 'Punani' ft Noble Mirror 92

Madini Classic is back with a new hit dubbed Punani. In the new jam Madini features Noble Mirror 92. Punani has a great feel and you wouldn’t imagine missing it.

The Kenyan coastal based singer has been making great hits in the recent past something that has seen him compete with other big names in the industry.

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Message in this jam ‘Punani’

Madini in this song he talks about love and it is just so great. To start with, he has performed the song and has let emotions run the song.

He is talking about going home and finding his lover.  It is actually funny that the meaning of the songs title is something that will send you thinking.

Madini is back with a new tune 'Punani' ft Noble Mirror 92

The guy has used vulgar language in this kind of work, Punani is a Sheng’ word that is used to describe a woman’s vagina. In addition, Madini in Punani also talks about the meale sexual organs and how he is going to feed on his woman’s punani.

Baby I can’t wait niko almost home tengeneza kitanda. This is more of a sexual scene.

The soft spoken singer is always cool in what he does but this kind of work, it seems like he has decided to loosen up kidogo.

It is a great hit from the execution process and it is relevant with today’s young generation. Although the audience is limited, Madini has his fans where he wants them to be.

Also, in this case, Madini has gone into what many Kenyan artists are producing for them to sell. In this case, he is simply talking about a woman’s body that he has fallen in love with.

To add on, the song’s production is well done all the way from the execution of the audio and beats. We start by recognising the team behind the whole production. Punani is the work of Amo onthebeat.






  1. Madini is back with a new tune ‘Punani’ ft Noble Mirror 92 – VIP Celebrities : October 15, 2019 at 1:36 pm


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