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Magix Enga has dropped a collabo with Masauti and Zikki titled ‘Mr. Deejay’ it’s getting mad love (Video)

November 21, 2019 at 11:17
Why is Magix Enga so desperate for attention?

Celebrated producer-cum singer Magix Enga has released a new song with Masauti and Zikki and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam dubbed Mr. Deejay is dedicated to all the mix masters around the country and outside since they are the life of the party. I don’t know what we would be going to do in clubs or parties without them.

I love this song because it brought the best of different worlds together and the outcome was absolutely amazing that you will have this track on replay for a while.



You see, Kenyan Bongo was well represented by Masauti, Zikki brought a bit of a Ragga vibe while Magix Enga did a hook and verse that lean more towards R&B and a bit of Gengetone and this why Mr Deejay is such a big tune.

To add to that, their verses on this jam were so catchy and you want to keep listening to them as they flow. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive.

As you would expect, the beat on this track is also on point because what good is Magix Enga’s talent if he cant make a dope beat for himself?

Watch Deejay below and tell us what you think.




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