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Magix Enga throws heavy punches in fresh single ‘Shashula’ (Video)

January 27, 2020 at 12:09
Why is Magix Enga so desperate for attention?

Talented producer and singer has released a new joint and it seems like a diss track but for some reason I can’t figure out who it’s directed to.

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In the track dubbed Shashula, Magix Enga heaps praise on himself while telling off people who have made a habit of criticizing Kenyan musicians and their songs.

In one of the verses, the producer says, “Mi ni king na wewe ni kidosho, umbwa wewe cheza Davido kwako usituletee hizo mangoma za kitoto, cheza mangoma za kenya si makwaito, kujipendekeza na radi sio ya babako.”

Magix Enga

Magix Enga

While we can’t tell who Magix Enga is throwing punches at, we have to acknowledge his unique ability to play around with words and make some dope rhymes.

I’ve listened to this jam a couple of times since it came out and every time I play it, it’s like I am hearing it for the first time. Yup, it’s that good and maybe, just maybe, Magix is better at singing that at producing beats.

One of the things struck me about this jam is that it’s very different. I don’t know what sound this is but it’s definitely not Gengetone and he still aced it.

As expected, the beat on this jam is sick. It slaps s hard, especially if you have a good system or headphones. You will not want it to end.

About the video, man I don’t really know. I saw some people on the YouTube comments section saying that Magix is a member of the Illuminati sect because of the effects that he had used on the video. I found it hilarious.

Watch Shashula below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!




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