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Maina Kageni to Daddy Owen: We can’t play 100% Kenyan music that is trash, give us good songs

January 10, 2019 at 07:50
Maina Kageni to Daddy Owen: We can't play 100% Kenyan music that is trash, give us good songs

Unlike Jalang’o who is trying to be moderate telling Kenyan musicians that their bad songs could be played on radio, Maina Kageni has no time to pamper musicians who produce trash.

The Classic FM presenter has joined the heated conversation about Kenyan songs getting 100% airplay. Khaligraph and many other musicians are blaming TV and radio presenters for favoring foreign content over Kenyan music.

Maina Kageni was forced to join the conversation after gospel singer Daddy Owen took to social media to also blast relevant people for ‘killing’ Kenyan music.

“Editor ndio predator, manager ndio damager, producer ndio reducer, promoter ndio demoter, publisher ndio punisher, this is kenya,” wrote Daddy Owen on Instagram.

Give us good content to push

Maina responded to Daddy Owen saying that his music gets a lot of airplay. He however told the gospel singer to tell his fellow musicians to give presenters good songs that will push foreign content off the Kenyan playlists.

“I agree!!!!! But tell your contemporaries to give us content that will PUSH foreigners off our playlists…. you are highly rotated… advise them what they need to do to be the next @daddyowen….” Maina Kageni responded to Daddy Owen.









  1. your reporting is very poor and misleading. i almost killed maina for this, meanwhile maina acha kutupima akili, uspocheza kenyan tutakuombea tu ufe mkenya mwingine a take over acheze kenyan. it is our birth right not a favor at all

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