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Mali safi iende chain chain! Vera Sidika bags herself popular male Mombasa socialite (Photo)

September 14, 2020 at 15:53
Mali safi iende chain chain! Vera Sidika bags herself popular male Mombasa socialite (Photo)

Vera Sidika has found love in Mombasa. The popular socialite who is believed to have quite a body count bagged the herself the new man moments after relocating to Mombasa; her hometown.

The lass went on to parade the young man through her social media pages; and just like with her exes, Vera Sidika went on to reveal how in love she was with this particular fella as seen on her post.

Indeed Vera falls easily and barely a year after parting ways with Tanzanian doctor; the lady now says that she is in love with one Brown Mauzo. She went on to flaunt him through her instagram page days after Amber Ray went on to reveal that she was done with the guy!

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

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Vera’s type

Looking at some of the boyfriends Vera Sidika has introduced to fans on social media; we can confirm that the lady likes skinny, light skinned men from the coast region or rather just Swahili men.

So far we have Otile Brown, Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and now Brown Mauzo! With her clock ticking so far at 31 years, Vera Sidika might be on a mission to have a child; but word making rounds on social media is that she wants a light skinned baby.

Vera Sidika with bae, Jimmy

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Judging from how her bleached skin has been acting up; it’s only fair to assume that her genes are quite strong and may over those of her black but light skinned man. Well fans keep advising her to get a caucasian man but I guess…. once you go black, you never go back!

Vera showing off new bae

Jalango with Veras bae




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