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Mama Dangote unapologetically abuses fan’s mother on social media

March 30, 2020 at 12:12
Mama Dangote unapologetically abuses fan’s mother on social media

Mama Dangote is not on social media to entertain nonsense! In fact she is on Instagram to help support her son’s projects if not flaunting her husband.

Mama Dangote with son, Diamond Platnumz

For weeks now Mama Dangote has been keeping a low profile until this past weekend when she decided to shade one of her fans on her Instagram; for being a busy body telling her what money can and can not do for mama D.

Well, it all started after the fan went on to claim that Mama Dangote has been acting like a small girl; now that her money can buy her some love from Uncle Shamte! The fan wrote;

Hela unaweza ukarudi utoto🤣🤣

Mama D hits back

Knowing very well that she is a woman who doesn’t care what people say about her; Mama Dangote went on to respond telling the fan to use his money wisely on his mum in order for her to act young.

Mama Dangote wrote;

mrudishe basi na MAMA YAKO

Mama D

This is not the first time Mama Dangote is abusing or rather calling out her male fans on social media; and truth be told, she seems to have developed thick skin when it comes to the  negative comments on her page.

Enjoying her old age

Having had a humble beginning, Mama Dangote now has the privilege of living the good life courtesy of her son.

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

Just recently Diamond Platnumz went on to urge his mum to enjoy the fast life since she has earned it! The singer went on to add that all the pain and struggles Mama D had faced back in the day were now being rewarded.




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