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Mama Kanumba speaks after Wema Sepetu confesses she aborted twice for Kanumba !

February 07, 2020 at 13:34
Mama Kanumba speaks after Wema Sepetu confesses she aborted twice for Kanumba !

The late Kanumba passed on without leaving a child behind; only years later for Wema Sepetu to confess having aborted 2 of his pregnancies back when they were dating.

Mama Kanumba and Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu opened up about her abortions during one of her interviews on her Wema APP. The lady confessed to having aborted twice but the second abortion was done without the late Kanumba’s consent; since Wema felt that she was too young to have kids back then.

This was however the first time she confessed about the second abortion that has left her looking for a child everywhere. Speaking about  her abortions, Wema Sepetu opened up saying;

I feel like Kanumba cursed me. This is because he really wanted to see me, he would call every day two weeks before his death. We were to meet but we were super busy and could not. He called for like four times but we could not meet. We finally met at Bilcanas.

Wema went on;

He told me I owe him, he told me I will not get babies with anyone else because he was the father of my babies. He told me I owe him two babies. This is because I had terminated two of his pregnancies. Every time we used to meet he would remind me that I owe him. I saw him on Wednesday and I heard he was dead on Thursday.

Mama Kanumba speaks

Having lost her two sons, it is unclear as to whether Mama Kanumba has any grandchildren.

Speaking about Wema’s confession, mama Kanumba expressed disappointment especially since both her sons are dead and his eldest did not leave any children behind.

Mama Kanumba

The lady opened up saying;

  Jamani mpaka nywele zilinisisimka kabisa, natamani sana kuongea na Wema nikae naye maana uzuri ni kwamba amekiri mwenyewe kuwa alitoa mimba za mwanangu, yaani imeniumiza sana jamani.

She went on to conclude;

Natamani sana Wema aje nimuone, nina kitu nataka kumwambia na ninampenda kwa sababu ni binti wa tofauti sana kuliko alivyo Lulu, kwani kila anionapo popote anakuwa na furaha sana na mimi. Natamani Kanumba angekuwepo jamani




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