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Mammito throws shade after Edgar Obare exposes DJ Mo’s cheating ways, Tea master responds!

October 08, 2020 at 19:46
Mammito throws shade after Edgar Obare exposes DJ Mo's cheating ways, Tea master responds!

Comedienne Mammito who has been doing quite well with her career recently went on to weigh in on the expose done by Edgar Obare; revealing what DJ Mo does on the side.

Of course matters concerning families are hard to handle; but thanks to Edgar Obare, some of these celebrity marriages have been able to get on the right path thanks to his expose.

Well, it is no secret that DJ Mo’s story was quite huge – and looking at the responses from fans; lets just say that Kenyans love good gossip with receipts, just to be certain. And thanks to Obare, we have since learnt quite a lot about our local celebrities!

Comedienne Mammito Eunice

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Mamamito weighs in

However thanks to a post shared by Comedienne Mammito; we have every reason to believe that she did not enjoy DJ Mo’s expose as much as others did.

As seen on a video shared on her Instagram page, Mammito is heard asking fans to redirect their ‘gossip’ energy towards something constructive. For her, the energy should have been used to expose our corrupt politicians; a good move that would help fix the nation.

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This is too much. Like wasichana mngekuwa mnatumia the same skill to fight corruption; tunaenda kusema hawa wasee wa corrupt leaders kwa Edgar Obare tunawezakuwa na electrical train. Thats how far we can go. Like uko hapo mmmh he sent me 200k for my hair but i was mmh, hii ni pesa ya CDF. Lets do that, lets use that energy to build a nation, not destroy marriages.

However it now appears that Edgar Obare came across the funny video which he has also responded to. As seen on his Ig stories; the tea master went on to tell Mammito,

You can’t do the same with your 1 million followers?




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