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The man warming Ebru Tv’s Doreen Gatwiri’s bed must be a lucky man, this is the beautiful message written by Doreen to him

June 16, 2017 at 08:22
Doreen Gatwiri

Ebru TV’s Doreen Gatwiri has hit the headlines yet again and this time around not because of her impeccable fashion sense and enviable trips across the world but because of a message.

A message she shared on her Facebook that seems to be driving her fans into frenzy. It was all dedicated to her man to which I can guarantee you is one lucky lad. I can only imagine all the action he’ll be getting tonight being a Friday. But I digress.

Doreen Gatwiri

It was a message of love written in sweet Swahili words with Doreen of course being one of the fastest rising Swahili anchors accruing a huge following on Facebook and Instagram.

“Mapenzi sio pombe yangali yanakewesha, sio dawa lakini yatibu roho, sio halua lakini tamu kweli. Mapenzi yana ladha yake. Haionjeki, haitafuniki. Ujumbe huu pokea mpenzi, kwani roho yangu unayowewe mkobani.” She posted.
And true to what they say, then Swahili girls without a doubt have got the sauce and totally understand how to treat a man and make him feel special.

And like stated earlier, her sweet words definitely didn’t go unnoticed as clearly depicted by these comments that followed soon after. Team Mafisi were especially awed wishing they were them.
Just have a look:




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