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Manzi Wa Kibera Weds New Lover In Low-Key Ceremony (Video)

October 16, 2021 at 23:54
Manzi Wa Kibera Weds New Lover In Low-Key Ceremony (Video)

Flamboyant socialite Manzi Wa Kibera has lived up to her promise and proved her critics wrong after finally getting married. Late last month, she had divulged about her wedding on Mungai Eve’s channel; but most believed it was all about kiki. She was termed her as hard-headed and not good enough to be somebody’s wife, but somebody’s son seized the opportunity and saw a wife in her. (Obidan Dela).

Manzi Wa Kibera’s Luxurious Wedding

The socialite was deeply aware of all the shenanigans about her not being a ‘wife material’; and she went on to shove them off by flaunting a sumptuous limo which accompanied her to and fro her wedding. She also wrote on her Instagram page saying;

”Some people are saying my marriage will not last😂😂😂 mtangoja sana shindwe”

Talking about the limo she rode in, she couldn’t keep calm as she bragged;

Manzi Wa Kibera and her hubby-Instagram

“Ghetto girl❤️💕💖 Arriving at my wedding in a 22,000,000 limousine 😭😭😭 i never knew i could mean so much to someone”

Manzi Wa Kibera also boasted about her new bae as she wrote;

”Bwana yangu aogi na maji ya shower anaoga na maji ya besheni. Maji naweka sukari,alua na drops tatu za MARASHI na kadhalika.Chezeni tu na mabwana siku watapatikana na my kind utabaki single siz😂”

The exuberant socialite’s Instagram is now filled with adorable videos from the splendid wedding.




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