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MaryaPrude blaming Willis Raburu for their failed marriage?

January 19, 2021 at 10:25
MaryaPrude blaming Willis Raburu for their failed marriage?

It pains many to see that Willis Raburu and his beautiful wife are no longer together. Most of their fans admired the love the two shared and the positivity Maryaprude had brought into Willis Raburu’s life.

Back when he was married, the fella was not only active in church but something about his personality changed; bringing out a loving man, cheeky but with boundaries – something many women look for in a partner.

Exes: Raburu and ex wife, Maryaprude

However this disappeared as fast as he separated with Pride; and till date many still wonder what could have happened between these two.  Anyway sometimes they both share quotes mourning their late daughter; and times  other posts just speak for themselves.

Prude blaming Willis?

As seen on a new post shared by Maryaprude – one would easily assume that this was aimed at passing a certain message concerning her failed marriage.

The post read;

when you finally learn that a persons behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you…you learn grace.

Prude’s post


Like I said, some of the posts need no explanations meaning that Willis Raburu and Prude’s marriage had already started facing issues even before losing their baby.

With Maryaprude throwing hints every now and then – is proof enough to show that whatever happened was too painful; for them to keep holding on to each other – hence the separation.

However, we still wait to see whether they will get back together or address the breakup rumors!





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