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Masauti and Lavalava team up for “Dondosha”

July 12, 2019 at 21:45
Dondosha by Masauti ft Lavalava


Most of us are aware that one of the Wasafi Records artists Lavalava was in town for a while now. Well, I guess his stay has done us some justice.

In their newest release, Masauti the “Kenyan boy” has featured Lavalava” Mr. Love bite” in their new song dubbed Dondosha. After a whole week of speculations the song is finally out and we love it.

Dondosha is a feel good song  that possess the coastal and Bongo vibe.As a fast rising star Masauti seems to have found his style.

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Lyrical mastery

The song has the pomp, colour and energy all through it from the start to end.

Masauti starts us of with, “Ooh beiby ning’ate shingo(shingo) Tuwache ma love love bite(love bite) Wajue sipo single(single) Wakiniona nawe wazirai(wazirai)”
Basicaly, announcing the presence of a lady in his life. The general break down of the song is all about Dondosha at a car wash by ladies in bikinis.


I am dead sure we can’t have any clearer message. Dondosha is Swahili for Drop it. True to it the ladies are really dropping it in the video.

Further, as the song goes on Lavalava does his magic when he comes in with,“Aya ndondosha, krikiti kata Kiuno binjuka ndo unanikosha Hapo swadakta, fanya unabinuka Basi ndondosha, si dimba chakacha” 

All this reverberating the Dondosha theme that is well put.

If keen to the lyrics they have also embedded the new terminology  in Kenyan music….”Nipe nilambe(wamlambez)….”

Then finishes off with” …..Nipe ninyonye(Wamnyonyez)…..” who wouldn’t want to listen to this banger?

If not for your eyes at least feed your ears and soul to this exciting song.


The song was produced  by Motif Di Don , directed  and edited by Nezzoh Montana among others.For video and graphics i must say they did a good job.

As we yearn for more music from Masauti let us appreciate this big banger by watching it and telling us what you think.

For rating I give it 9/10.Enjoy.

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