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Maseno University student claim she’s behind Kambua’s pregnancy 

May 20, 2019 at 07:23
Maseno University student claim she's behind Kambua's pregnancy 

A university student from Maseno university has revealed that she has been praying day and night for gospel singer Kambu to have a baby.

Kambua, after seven years of marriage, is finally pregnant and Kenyans couldn’t hold their tears when she took to social media to post the announcement last week.

According to Sarah Atieno Julu, she has been praying hard for Kambua. According to a tweet in May 14, 2018, and she declared she was going to set a Novena prayer to St Jude and pray for Kambua to carry a baby of her own.

”Am going to set a Novena prayer to St Jude, praying for Kambua, be sure you’re going to carry your own baby,” she tweeted. 


Julu added that she used to see how Kambua was frustrated online for not having a baby and vowed to pray for her.

“I used to see her face cyber bully. I’m a woman and seeing a woman face such due to lack of a child, it pained me a lot. I felt it. I wish I knew her in person. The best I could do silently was to pray for her. That was the best way I could stand with her being her greatest fan.🙏” she said. 






  1. Maseno University student claim she’s behind Kambua’s pregnancy  – Kenyan Digest : May 20, 2019 at 7:41 am

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  2. You’re crazy if you think your prayers helped get her pregnant.

  3. Felix gatumo : May 20, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    Wonders never cease

    • It’s God at work in this matter, not you. You prayed in secret, if you did, likewise allow God to reward you in secret. No human being can create a baby in the womb, it is only God who can do it.

  4. Thats very inspiring… in prayers could really work miracles.

  5. finally GOD did his mighty work

  6. That’s really touching prayers works breathren

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